Sunday, 11 February 2018

How to live "green"

Imagine a town where the main method of transport is the bicycle.
A town where the air is free from pollution.
A place where recycling waste and saving energie are a way of life for everyone.
An impossible dream?
Only ten miles away from the ancient and busy city of Oxford, on this site there will soon be a new type of town.
This town of the future is called North-West Bicester and it will be Britain's first 'eco-town'.
At the moment, there is only a demostration building, but over the next twenty years, they are going to build 5000 new houses like this.
But what will make North-West Bicester more 'eco-friendly' than other towns?
We met Azul Strong, who works for North-West Bicester, and asked her about the project.
- It is one of four eco-towns in the U.K. and it's looking at being one of the most sustainable places to live, work and raise a family.
But the plans go much further than that.
Louise Cave, who also works for the project, explained the implications of living in a green town.
- Every single resident that moves into North-West Bicester will commit to thinking about how their lifestyle is beneficial to the environment.
Of course, all the houses in North-West Bicestter will be eco-friendly.
- They will keep warm in the winter and stay nice and cool in the summer. Ther will generate their own electricity through solar panels on the roofs. They will recycle rainwater to flush the toilets within the home.
But it si not just the houses that will be green and sustainable. This eco-town will be a place to live, work and play. Steve Hornblow explains:
- Of the five thousand homes we have to create a job for each home. We also have to have 40 percent of the land for open space. There will be better public transport, there will be also places for the people to meet and greet and places for children to play within the town.
Are there any other changes wich will benefits the lives of residents?
- We're trying to use local businesses as much as possible, wich will grow and provide more jobs for the area.
The eco-town should be completed in 2032. Looking further into the future, the changes planned here should mean a strong sense of community for everyone.
- I think that the residents who move in to  North-West Bicester will have an exceptionally good quality of life.
So the North-West Bicester experiment is beginning. Will it be the model for all towns in the future? Only time will tell.

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