Saturday, 17 February 2018

Learning English

I think it was 1991 when I started to study English for the first time in my life. At school I had studied French but only when I was 35 I got in contact with English.
It was the oficial courses of That's English. I hadn't to go to the school building. We studied at home and with the support of the television programs and the old videotapes.
I passed the three courses and then I went to one of the oficial schools of languages to study the next course. I had to go to Madrid twice a week from 45 km far away. It was some tired experience. I passed the 4th course after doing it in two years. Then in 1998 I passed (with a C) de First Certificate in English from Cambridge University.
From then on, I haven't touch English. I had forgotten all. I hardly can remember the words, the gramatical rules... that I, more or less, had learnt twenty years ago.
Now, I'm retired and I've decided return to study English.
I go twice a week to YouTalk, a language academy here in Huesca.
The YouTalk method consider that speaking is the only way to learn a language.
I think so. And I know that "practice makes perfect".
So I am practicing all day.
I hope to learn and to improve my speaking and listening skills.

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