Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Do you know? ( #3 )

According to the forecast, the unsettled weather will continue over the next few days.

We ate dinner outside on the deck.

The boss has a big desk in his office.

mouse / mice

You have to inflate an air mattress before you can sleep on it.

They treat all their servants with complete disdain.

back sth up
It is advisable to back up all the files on your computer regularly, in case of breakdown.

back sb up
Go ahead and tell the boss just what happened; I'll back you up on it.

back down
Local residents have forced the local council to back down from/on its plans to build a nightclub on their street.

blow up
My dad blew up (at me) when he saw the bill.

blow it   
I totally blew it, and I'm so embarrassed; I don't know when I've performed so badly.
Oh, blow it! I've forgotten to invite Paul to the party.

cheer sb up
Here's a plate of chocolate ice cream to cheer you up.

clear up
The doctor told me the rash would clear up in about six weeks.
I hope it clears up in time for the picnic.

"Come back here right now!'' he yelled.

sleep on it
Don’t give me an answer now – sleep on it and tell me whenever you’re ready.

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