Thursday, 1 February 2018

148 frases de uso diario

1.- I'm hungry
2.- Are you hungry?
3.- I'm thirsty
4.- Are you thirsty?
5.- Can you get me something to eat?
6.- Can you get me something to drink?
7.- I'm tired
8.- Turn off the lights
9.- Turn on the lights

10.- Turn on the TV
11.- Turn off the TV
12.- Open the door
13.- Close the door
14.- Sit down
15.- Stand up
16.- Good morning
17.- Good afternoon
18.- Good night
19.- My stomach hurts
20.- I have a stomach ache

21.- Hello
22.- Hi
23.- Goodbye
24.- Bye
25.- Thank you
26.- You're welcome
27.- I'm sorry
28.- Excuse me
29.- What time is it?
30.- Bless you

31.- I'll see you tomorrow
32.- I need to use the bathroom
33.- I need to use the restroom
34.- Where's your restroom
35.- How are you?
36.- I'm good. How are you?
37.- Have a nice day
38.- It's cold
39.- It's hot
40.- How many?

41.- Why?
42.- Why not?
43.- Please
44.- I don't know
45.- I know
46.- Leave me alone!
47.- I don't understand
48.- I understand
49.- Be careful
50.- Get ahold of yourself

51.- A little bit
52.- That´s a lot
53.- For what?
54.- More please
55.- That's too much
56.- Go to bed
57.- That's so cool
58.- That's so sad
59.- That's funny
60.- Let's take a break

61.-Give me a break
62.- I want to
63.- I don't wat to
64.- I don't believe it
65.- Who are you?
66.- Who is she?
67.- Who is he?
68.- What did you say?
69.- What did he say?
70.- What did she say?

71.- Are you talking to me?
72.- How did you do that?
73.- Have you eaten yet?
74.- What did you eat?
75.- Are you kidding?
76.- I'm just kidding
77.- Who cares?
78.- What do you want to eat?
79.- What's today?
80.- What's today's date?

81.- Go take a shower
82.- What size shoe do you wear?
83.- She did it on purpose
84.- He did it on purpose
85.- I feel crappy today
86.- I'm next
87.- Who's next?
88.- I'm sorry, this seat is taken
89.- Your shirt is inside out
90.- Your shirt is backwards

91.- Turn on the water
92.- Turn off the water
93.- Turn on the stove
94.- Turn off the stove
95.- Did you turn the stove off?
96.- Excuse me, you dropped your keys
97.- Excuse me, you dropped your wallet
98.- Don't forget your coat
99.- Don't forget your wallet
100.- Don't forget your keys

101.- You forgot your coat
102.- You forgot your wallet
103.- You forgot your keys
104.- Can you watch my sopt?
105.- I'm homesick
106.- Your shoe is untied
107.- Your zipper is down
108.- I won't take no for an answer
109.- I owe you one
110.- You owe me one

111.- My stomach is growling
112.- My feet are killing me
113.- I've got to use it
114.- You have something on your shirt
115.- I'm having a bad hair day
116.- I'm about to have a nervous breakdown
117.- You have something in your nose
118.- Are you serious?
119.- What were you thinking?
120.- How hard could it be?

121.- I promise
122.- Don't lie to me
123.- I'm so nervous
124.- Can you keep a secret?
125.- Please, don't tell anyone
126.- I'm so dehydrated
127.- I've got a headache
128.- Do you have any pain medicine?
129.- Are you sure about that?
130.- I'm sick and tired of this

131.- Never mind
132.- I'll be right back
134.- Hand me that, please
135.- I've got an idea
136.- Don't spend it all in one place
137.- I love this song
138.- I had the best dream last night
139.- I had a nightmare last night
140.- I'm getting dressed

141.- Give me a minute
142.- Hold on one second
133.- We've got to go
144.- Where do you want to eat?
145.- What's taking so long?
146.- Your feet stink
147.- Did you fart?
148.- Who farted?

New words and expressions:

My stomach hurts
Bless you!
Get ahold of yourself
I feel crappy today
I'm next
Your shirt is inside out
Your shirt is backwards
Can you watch my spot
I'm homesick
Your zipper is down
My stomach is growling
I've to use it
I'm having a bad hair day
Your feet stink
Did you fart

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