Sunday, 4 March 2018

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This time from News In English, from Málaga.

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No trace of eight-year-old boy who disappeared on short walk near Almeria on Tuesday.

The boy's father believes that he has been kidnapped

Fears are growing for the safetly of an eight-year-old boy who disappeared on the 100-metre walk from his grandmother's house to his cousin's home on Tuesday afternoon.

Family and friends say that Gabriel Cruz Ramírez knew the short walk very well in the hamlet of Hortichuelas, in Níjar, near Almeria, and is unlikely to have become disorientated, leading them to fear the worst.

Speaking on Thursday morning, the boy's father said: “My son hasn't got lost, somebody has taken him.”

Some 200 volunteers have been searching the area every day since the disappearance but police and emergency workers said on Thursday that they were still no closer to working out what has happened to Gabriel. They said that so far nobody has been in touch with them or the family to ask for a ransom.

The boy is described as weighing 23 kilos, of slight build and wearing black Adidas trousers with white stripes and a red hooded jacket. 

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