Friday, 9 March 2018

10 Very British Verbs

1.- to fancy
Do you fancy going to the cinema?
I don't fancy going out.

2.- to queue
Sorry I'm late. I had to queue for ages at the bank.

3.- to nick something
Somebody has nicked my phone!

4.- to chat somebody up
Did you see Katie getting chatted up by the barman?
Are you going to go and chat up that guy?
Are you going to go and chat that guy up?

5.- to take the piss out of somebody
My mates used to take the piss out of me for having bad hair.

6.- to leg it
I used to leg it back from school to watch this programme.

7.- to faff
Stop faffing about!
Stop faffing around!

8.- to splah out
Look, it's our anniversary we should splash out.

9.- to flog something
I'm trying to flog my old car.

10.- to wind somebody up
What winds you up guys?

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