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Thursday, 10 May 2018

I´m so clumsy!

Hello everybody.
This is Elliot from ETJ English.
How are you all doing today?
So I thought today maybe we do a bit of a listening practice.
Okay so we're just going to listen to me talk a little bit,
feel free to just kind of sit back relax listen to my voice and analyze the way I speak,
and also enjoy the story but, first of all,
I want to talk about something called
clumsiness or to be clumsy
because this is really related to the story.
I'm going to tell you so, first of all,
I am a very very very very very clumsy person.
I'm extremely clumsy, okay?
To be clumsy essentially is to be the sort of person who has a lot of accidents
let's say you're let me give you another true story let's say.

I'm sat at a restaurant as always in the restaurant.
I've got a lovely glass of wine next to me,
red wine that's my chosen alcoholic beverage maybe
it's just you know just here on the table I'm talking and back
in the middle of conversation the red wine is all over the white tablecloth
everything is red now and I have ruined my date
let's say all my whatever it is that I'm doing,
my meal and probably have to pay some kind of fine to the restaurant
for for destroying their tablecloth and and this is what clumsiness is essentially in its purest form.

Clumsiness is when we always have accidents things
always go wrong maybe we're not very good with our hands
they always end up knocking things over to knock something
over is to make something for we might smash things
imagine a glass drop it on the floor smashed
also we I'm not very good with my legs so
I might fall over quite a lot hit my knee on a door or
or walk into the bed or hit my head on something
okay so this is what clumsiness is and this is me
I want to tell you a little story about when I was about 14.

I was in year 8 in school and it was a very hot summer day okay?
very hot summer day and it was lunchtime break,
time some people call it where we have time out from lessons
and we relax now the place where all of my friends where
we used to sit and chill out and relax talk catch up with each other
in a field and there was lots of trees in this field and
me being the person I was when I was a teenager
all I wanted to do was kind of impress
the impress the girls make them think
I'm I'm really cool which I'm not and
I decided to climb a tree
so I climbed to the top of this tree took me a while
and when I got the top of this tree
I you know shouted I wanted everyone to see
that I was at the top of this tree so
I shouted I was right at the top of this tree look at me!
and I fell so straightaway
I just went and that that was that my my wrist hit the ground
one wrist went like that one wrist went like that
and they were completely out of shape not the way they should be quite obviously
they were broken because I'd fallen quite a high distance
not only that but I also landed flat on my nose and it was broken numbers blood everywhere
I was knocked out I came to be knocked out means to be unconscious
so yes I hit my head, my face, so hard that I was knocked out
and the next thing I knew I was woken up in hospital with two broken wrists
and a flat notes and that's probably why my nose is such a funny shape now
and this really did affect me it changed my my year
I guess I had six months off school because
I could do nothing with my arms
I couldn't write I was stuck like a robot for a long time
and my mum had to wash me in the bath because I couldn't
I couldn't have a bath on my own my mum had to wash
Mayton even worse my my parents had to use the toilet paper on my bottom
yes that's right my parents had to wipe my ass for
I never thought I would tell anyone this and now
I'm telling 20,000 people that my parents have had to wipe my bottom
when I was a teenager which is really embarrassing but this is what happens one thing

I'd also like to tell you I want to teach you a bit of vocabulary in this clumsiness runs in my family it runs in the family now if something runs in the family
what that means is that it's something that kind of maybe happens to
my dad he's always knocking glasses over at the table
is always smashing plates by accident dropping things
so same as me it also happens to my sister
it also happened to my granddad before he passed away
so it's it's it's something that runs in the family
a lot of people in my family it happens to them
also they also have this clumsy gene
every day it's an everyday problem
it's like a disease and I actually think
it's quite an endearing thing endearing it's something that's quite interesting about a person
it's it's something different it's unique and I embrace it
now I make I laugh about any incidents that happen to me but the reason
I'm kind of telling this listening practice is because
I actually want you to tell me are you a clumsy person
does this happen to you do you have any really interesting stories
that you want to tell me about your clumsy experiences or
are you a perfect person who never makes mistakes because
I know there are some of you out there
who are just very lucky and not clumsy at all

now thank you very much for watching if you would like to book a skype lesson with me
learn real British English pronunciation connected speech expressions
everything and become one of my friends as well as a student of mine
feel free to go down below in the description box and
book a Skype lesson with me the first lesson is just two pounds
it's been a pleasure telling you this story please do
tell me if you enjoy these listening practices and
I will do more along with the lessons also but yes
thank you very much for watching guys
you're all great there's 20,000 of you now
I could not be happier let's make it 100,000 come on
let's do it tell all your friends about ETJ English
helped them become a fluent British English speaker
cheers guys and I'll see you all in the next lesson today comes it bye.

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